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Faizur Rehman
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At Faizur, we offer many premium services for our clients and have several free products and resources available for aspiring Designers. Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries we get, it’s very difficult to get back to everyone, as much as we try.

So whether you are a designer looking to learn how to stay on top of the latest trends and delivering amazing results to your clients, or if you’re a Product Owner looking for feedback on your current site and design, we would love to help!

By booking a call with Faizur, we can assist you in 2 main categories.

1. Design Consulting and Feedback

If you have an existing product, site, or company that needs help giving your brand a fresh new look, we provide design consulting and feedback on how to best achieve an amazing new look.

2. Design UI & UX Mentorship

If you are student use this discount code 

Are you a Designer looking for help? If you’re starting out in UX/UI Design, Web Design, Online Branding and are looking to grow your business, we will sit down and analyze the steps you can take to avoid making costly mistakes in your business.

What you’ll get?

A 60-minute personal session with Faizurs undivided attention. Faizur Rehman has over 10+ years of design experience, specializing in UI/UX and Online Brand Building and After you purchase the block of time, you will get a invite to select a time option that works for you.

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Book a Consulting Call: Faizur

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